1. Naam:olivialuvly
  2. Leeftijd:37 Jaar
  3. Actief sinds:06-07-2017
  4. Geslacht:Vrouw
  5. Land:Belgie
  6. Provincie:Antwerpen
  7. Woonplaats:Antwerpen
  8. Lengte:Tussen de 1.80 en 1.90
  9. Lichaamsbouw:Gezet
  10. Oogkleur:Bruin
  11. Haarkleur:Zwart
  12. Opleiding:MBO
  13. Roken:Nee
  14. Piercings:Nee
  15. Tatoeages:Nee
  • Hobbies:
    love gardening,cleaning,cooking,skuba diving,swimming,cricket......
  • Over mij:
    I am single never married lady seeking true relationship from a honest and genuine man with huge sense of humor,please send me your e-mail address and i will send you some more pictures of myself...
  • Over jou:
    Is there a "perfect" match? I think there is someone who is just the right fit, they always know what to say, and always seem to make even the worst days better. When you are away from each other, all you do is count the minutes until you get to see each other again. Someone who knows what your thinking just by the look on your face, or what your favorite candy bar is, or how you like your coffee, and sometimes just simple things like, how you sleep at night (on your side or in a ball) ... I know everyone is looking for something different, but i'm looking for my "fit" that's why i'm here